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Clear eyes.

Full hearts.

Can't win.

District 37 is so gerrymandered that I don't stand a chance. But we deserve to have two names on the ballot.

If I'm going to lose, we might as well have a little fun, raise a little hell, and shine a light on the impacts of gerrymandering along the way.

Get in losers, we're (not) going to the Senate.

Democracy Rocks!

We're throwing the party of the year on August 24th! We'll shake our fists at gerrymandering and shake our a$$es to the tunes of Kids in America, an '80s tribute band. 

You don't want to miss this.

When: August 24 @6pm

Where: Statesville Civic Center


  • Dinner

  • Music

  • 12+ candidates to meet and greet (see flyer)

  • Cash bar

  • Chartered buses available

Cost: Tickets start at $30

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